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• RedMaple Sportswear is a Maine/NH seacoast based apparel company promoting the natural beauty & outdoor lifestyle enjoyed in our region. Our natural fiber focus provides eco-friendly alternatives to synthetics. We're a small, independent company with innovative specialty products not found in department stores.

• Our Fall designs focus on the use of alpaca - known for thousands of years as a noble fiber. Most of our staff have been involved in the domestic alpaca breeding industry, so we have extensive knowledge of how best to use this amazing resource.

• Alpaca fiber is naturally warm, strong, breathable & durable, luxuriously soft, and grows in over 20 natural colors. It is highly resilient for wrinkle-free packing.

• We use 100% baby alpaca (a premium grade) & blends of alpaca with cotton, wool, or other natural fibers. Specialty products feature therapeutic copper, organic cotton, pima cotton, bamboo, & naturally colorgrown (undyed) fiber.

• The majority of our designs are commercially produced in Peru, world capital of alpaca fiber production, in reputable, fair-trade factories our founder has worked with for over 10 years. Many items are handwoven, handknitted, or handcrocheted by our network of artisans' cooperatives. We produce some accessories in the U.S. as well.

• Our goal for RedMaple is simple: To provide unique, high quality, well-crafted sweaters, jackets, & accessories along with outstanding customer service. We enjoy wearing RedMaple products as much as we do selling them!

To place an order, inquire about a shipment or return, or locate a sales rep, contact us:

RedMaple Sportswear Co.
384 Harold L Dow Hwy, Suite #18 Eliot, Maine 03903

Toll Free Phone: 888-748-0022
Fax: 603-218-7004
Customer Service Email: mendy@redmaplesportswear.com
HQ Email: david@redmaplesportswear.com